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From Armstrong


  • Upper Wolfjaw Mountain is an Adirondack 46er and part of the Great Range of the Adirondack Mountains.
  • It and adjacent Lower Wolfjaw Mountain are so named for their appearance in profile.
  • Flanked to the southwest by Armstrong Mountain and to the northeast by Lower Wolfjaw Mtn.
  • The summit is tree covered but a few side trails offer vistas.
"Successful Lower Great Range loop, with a couple wild and crazy guys! Rocks were a little wet from rain the night before, and the cloud cover stole some summit views, but when we could see the foliage was on point! Being an aspiring 46er is hard when I live in CO, but I’m hoping to knock a few off a year until I get it done!" - LGH-Dan, Oct 14, 2017
"Gnarly day gettin pitted with the bros given her a full send on lower and upper wolfjaw, armstrong, pyramid, gothics, and sawteeth. Not many views due to the clouds but all in all a righteous day. " - LGH-Topple, Oct 14, 2017
"Final mountain of a very long day. Our 12th 46er. Sunlight was fading fast so this wasn't a long stay. The trail between Gothics and this peak was VERY technical, and we nearly got attacked by angry bees!" - RangersApprentice, Aug 26, 2017
"This day Deb and I were out to do Gothics and Armstrong, then figured we traversed across to do Upper Wolfjaw and head out. I had done Lower Wolfjaw back in the 90's with a friend and we both tired so she figured she would do it with me another time." - hbotc, May 28, 2016
"We started at the Garden ~7:45am and enjoyed a nice, easy walk in to the IO. From here we made our way to the Ore Bed slide and ascended Gothics via the chains. Beautiful conditions with areas of snow in the shade over 4000'. Continued from Gothics to Armstrong and onto UWJ. Lots of ice in the col between UWJ and Armstrong as well as from UWJ to the junction before LWJ. As we were starting the decent of UWJ a storm came in very quickly - temps dropped at least 15 degrees in less than 5 minutes, winds picked up and a heavy, icy rain fell - thankfully we had the gear for it. Made our way d" - deb-and-rob, May 21, 2016



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