13,589 ft / 4,142 m


1,187 ft / 362 m


14 summits

Top climbing months

August   47%

September  23%

June   11%

Most climbed route

North Slopes

"I climbed University Peak as a day hike out of Onion Valley. I took a variation of the North Face route which I've seen called the North Coliour. It's a broad chute to the climber's right of the standard class 3 North Face. Eventually the route intersects the peak's Northwest ridge which is then followed to the summit. It was mostly a slog, but likely much better than the infamous University Pass. I was able to keep the trip mostly class 2 with the exception of some low-level non-exposed class 3 when climbing the final 100 ft to the top. Unfortunately the summit was half covered in cloud wh" - klotito, Aug 6, 2017
"Day 1 of my wedding week wound up being the highest after afternoon storms kept me off bigger summits. Perfect weather for my first day on my way up to Mammoth Lakes. Complete TR: http://themtsarecalling.com/university/" - Christopher, Aug 20, 2016
"After waking up to a sluggish morning, we put our heads down, and trudged upward and onward. conditions were beautiful. Temps were near perfect. As always - the mountain was awesome." - DrBoz, Jun 1, 2014
"Climbed this along with CLMRG for the 2nd day of the Overnight Trip for the Mountaineering 101 class they offer. The day after our failed attempt at Independence Peak (due to weather) it started producing a good amount of rain, hail, thunder and lightning once we reached the ridge. We ended up hitting the summit then descending as fast as possible. It was a unique experience climbing the Sierra's in monsoon conditions. One I'll remember but not hope to experience again." - Irrationalist, Jul 28, 2013



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