Texas peaks

1,956 peaks

Highest peak

Guadalupe Peak

8,749 ft / 2,666 m

Most summited peak

Guadalupe Peak

111 summits

Most prominent peak

Emory Peak

4,495 ft / 1,370 m prom

Texas summits

325 summits

First Ascent Awards

101 of 1,956 peaks 5%

Top climbing months

November 12%

March 11%

December 10%

Texas mountains highlights

"I first attempted the south summit of the Chimney's, but decided it was too risky. I crossed the trail and made my way to the north summit/highpoint and found this climb to be much easier and safer. This was the last summit of my loop of Kit Mt., Bee Mt., Black Mesa, and the Chimney's." - The Chimneys - North Summit, ZachTeich, Jan 27, 2018
"I hiked up to the base of the cliffs, to the point I could tell would offer a route up to the summit. It wasn't too hard finding the correct route, which followed an animal trail/use trail. Most of the top portion was climbing, with an occasional level section." - Cerro Castellan, ZachTeich, Jan 27, 2018
"It looked like there may not be a way up without technical gear, but I hiked out to find out. I climbed to the base of the summit block, circled around there, then started to climb up on the east side. My route led me back to the south side, and the climb actually wasn't that difficult. I relaxed up there for awhile, then headed back down. The slopes leading up to the summit block are steep with lots of loose gravel and rock." - The Sphinx, ZachTeich, Dec 26, 2017
"I hiked up to the South Rim, then went off trail a little north of the furthest west point of the rim. It was probably the thickest vegetation I had to travel through at Big Bend, but at least it was mostly down hill to the ridge. Then I hiked up the ridge and climbed up the final section to the summit. After resting and taking in the views, I made my way back down to the saddle between the peak and the rim, then worked my way down to the Blue Creek trail and returned to the Basin." - Peak 6728 ft, ZachTeich, Nov 25, 2017
"I parked east of the peak and hiked up the Pine Canyon Rd. to the trail, then took the trail about 1 1/2 miles before heading off trail up the north slope of Crown. At first it was steep but easier due to climbing up the wash and a solid rock face, but towards the summit the vegetation got thicker. It was a fun climb though, and offered great views of the Chisos Moutains, and further south into Big Bend and Mexico. I also tried Crown Mt. west for the second time, this time trying the south side, but there was nothing there that I could climb up." - Crown Mountain, ZachTeich, Nov 24, 2017

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