Oklahoma peaks

681 peaks

Highest peak

Black Mesa

4,975 ft / 1,516 m

Most summited peak

Black Mesa

75 summits

Most prominent peak

Peak 1890 ft

1,890 ft / 576 m prom

Oklahoma summits

162 summits

First Ascent Awards

49 of 681 peaks 7%

Top climbing months

February 13%

March 10%

July 10%

Oklahoma mountains highlights

  • Oklahoma does actually have mountains!
  • The best places to find peaks in Oklahoma are the Wichita Mountains in the southwest, and the Ozarks and Ouichitas in the east of the state.
  • Most of the peaks here are tiny compared to what most people think of as mountains. Take them for what they are worth and you'll still find beauty within the mini-mountains of the state!

Popular Oklahoma mountains