North Carolina peaks

2,658 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Mitchell

6,683 ft / 2,036 m

Most summited peak

Mount Mitchell

147 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Mitchell

6,089 ft / 1,855 m prom

North Carolina summits

1,565 summits

First Ascent Awards

334 of 2,658 peaks 12%

Top climbing months

April 14%

June 12%

September 10%

North Carolina mountains highlights

"Short hike that starts off paved, then becomes dirt. There are numbered wooden signs along the way that correlate with a brochure you can pick up at the beginning of the trail. The Forrest is very peaceful and the fresh mountain air is very relaxing. However, the summit is quite uneventful and there are few views. " - Richland Balsam, ChrisM, Apr 24, 2018
"It was quite foggy and there were scattered showers through this short hike. I parked on the side of the road, at the entrance of the Waterrock Knob parking lot. Across the street and to the right, there is a trail coming out of the woods. There is a box and a sign with distances to each destination. Yellow Face is just .6 miles away. The first two thirds of the trail were rather easy. Meandering through the Forrest and small balds with (fog obstructed) views along the way. The last portion is a bit more difficult. The rock face is quite slippery in the rain. The trail becomes steeper " - Yellow Face, ChrisM, Apr 24, 2018
"One last hike before heading back to Massachusetts. The Clingmans Dome parking lot was exceedingly windy, but just a few tenths of a mile down the Forney Ridge Trail was like a different day. View from the Bald was beautiful. Just wish we could have seen it when spring was in full force." - Andrews Bald, gooner, Apr 19, 2018
"Quick side trip before heading to Charlies Bunion. We were the first to break through the blanket of clean snow on the trail that morning. Beautiful hike, windy, sunny. Trekking polls and gaiters really came in handy." - Mount Kephart, gooner, Apr 17, 2018
"Drove up to the summit to speak with the job site foreman about the progress for the observation deck. Looks like everything is on track to open to the public in early August. Currently the summit area is closed due to construction." - Sassafras Mountain, StoneMan, Apr 5, 2018

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