Massachusetts peaks

1,081 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Greylock

3,491 ft / 1,064 m

Most summited peak

Mount Greylock

225 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Greylock

2,470 ft / 752 m prom

Massachusetts summits

2,002 summits

First Ascent Awards

368 of 1,081 peaks 34%

Top climbing months

June 13%

March 11%

July 11%

Massachusetts mountains highlights

"A wonderfully warm day, 60’s to 70*, with a blue sky and haze in the distance. After sauntering across the summits of South Brace and Brace mountains I cruise by the tri-state monument and CT. highpoint on my way to Frissell. I popped open the ammo box to sign in and read the inputs from recent visitors to this peak. Back to the CT highpoint for lunch in the sunshine." - Mount Frissell, Nimblefoot, Feb 21, 2018
"Beautiful day for a winter hike! Trailhead and parking access was easy when traveling south on East Rd from Massachusetts. A fair amount of ice but was handled easy with micro spikes. " - Mount Frissell, atwoheadedcat, Jan 20, 2018
"Took Laurel Loop from Notch for this trip- the route goes slightly up to the peak, downhill on the combined M-M/RFT/Laurel Loop trail before splitting off. The blue blazes turn off before going uphill and towards the peak." - Devils Garden, realcapmarvel, Oct 6, 2017
"Very quick summit from Notch Visitor Center- Devils Garden summit is not marked, but you will notice the RFT starting out gentle before getting very steep. Not really much of a view, but a pretty and well-marked trail." - Devils Garden, realcapmarvel, Sep 22, 2017
"Six of us with the Rip Van Winkle hikers did a section hike of the South Taconic trail from Quarry Hill road side trail to the Alander Brook trail. Before we headed down the Alander Brook trail we headed up to the summit of Alander where we got the first decent views which was a nice finish to our day. We dropped down to the cabin to check on its condition and read the recent comments in the log book." - Alander Mountain, Nimblefoot, Jul 25, 2017

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