Connecticut peaks

746 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Frissell (south slope)

2,372 ft / 722 m

Most summited peak

Mount Frissell (south slope)

85 summits

Most prominent peak

Ellsworth Hill

821 ft / 250 m prom

Connecticut summits

767 summits

First Ascent Awards

181 of 746 peaks 24%

Top climbing months

July 18%

May 13%

August 10%

Connecticut mountains highlights

"Out on a fine spring day in the middle of winter. Cloudy blue sky with sunshine pushing the temperature through the 60’s into the low 70’s by mid afternoon. After signing into the register on Frissell I returned to the highpoint pin and cairn to sign into the register and have lunch in the sunshine. The only sign of winter was the lingering ice in Riga lake and at the top of the falls on the side trail up to the South Taconic trail. Once back to the car I had to put the windows down as it was too hot inside, haven’t had to do that in months." - Mount Frissell (south slope), Nimblefoot, Feb 21, 2018
"bartholomews cobble state reservation summit trail takes you about 80% of the way to the summit of this mtn but ends at the treeline on the MA/CT border. In lieu of actually bagging this summit, this is the only way in peakery to log the bartholomews cobble climb." - Miles Mountain, adrocks, Nov 5, 2017
"My wife and I hiked East Peak to Castle Craig to partake in watching the solar eclipse. Unfortunately, we did not have to protective eye-ware to properly watch the eclipse, but the locale was cool with the old stone tower of Castle Craig. This was one of our last stops on our road trip to Chicago and Virginia." - East Peak, gullyhiker, Aug 21, 2017
"Six of us hiked a section of the South Taconic trail from Quarry Hill road side trail to the Alander Brook trail. After visiting Brace mountain we took a detour on the Mt Frissell trail to visit the Tri-State monument and the Connecticut highpoint pin. Nice to see the ammo box, provided by The Highpointers, is still there and new & repeating( gridders?) highpointers are signing into the log book. We were surprised to see other hikers on the Mt Frissell trail on such a damp cloudy day mid week." - Mount Frissell (south slope), Nimblefoot, Jul 25, 2017
"Chestnut Ln Trail Head. Quick hike from the feet of sleeping giant, up the right leg to the right knee and right hip via the orange trail. Across to the tower trail by the red triangle cut across and back down the left hip, left leg (see pictures of roosting vultures), left knee, Hezekiah's Knob and across the right foot back to the trailhead. " - Mount Carmel, walterczekaj, May 7, 2017

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