Arizona peaks

3,598 peaks

Highest peak

Humphreys Peak

12,633 ft / 3,850 m

Most summited peak

Humphreys Peak

135 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Graham

6,320 ft / 1,926 m prom

Arizona summits

2,089 summits

First Ascent Awards

489 of 3,598 peaks 13%

Top climbing months

December 11%

May 11%

March 9%

Arizona mountains highlights

"11.17.18...Mt. Wilson (AZ) w/Kasie. 10.5 miles, 3,500’ gain in 6:15hr. Up and Over. Up the West side/down the East side. “Go big or go home!”...I’ve wanted this beauty for a long time. It’s so prominent in our local horizon. Kasie had done it before so I asked her to take me. We decided we wanted a unique tour so we staged a veh the day prior and set off at the crack of dawn. This route is so rugged and beautiful, it took my breath away! The 360 views were like none I’ve ever experienced in our area." - Mount Wilson, paula.raimondi, Nov 17, 2018
"Kasie and I were heading up to do Wilson from the East but with a late start we decided to call it a day. We happened apon this Overlook by taking the wrong route attempting to summit. It has expansive views of the Detrital Valley and the upper basin of Lake Mead " - Detrital Valley Overlook , paula.raimondi, Nov 12, 2018
"What a sandbag! FA in 1959, this 5.7+ would be at least a 5.9 by today standards. Very challenging chimney that get to narrow to climb forcing moves out onto a face with few holds. Took so long to lead the girls didn’t have time to summit before thunderstorms came in. Complete TR:" - Chimney Rock, Christopher, Aug 18, 2018
"Had the hike pretty much to myself. Ran into a small group after I'd been at the summit for a while who heard me hooting & hollering earlier. Had spent enough time there and wanted to spend time on the subordinatne (first bench) summit anyway, so left and only saw one other person the whole hike. Glad I made it down to the subordinate summit--the view was more than I could describe. Fiery red rocks among green and red canyons. Peace around me and a thunderstorm to finish. I accepted my body, my old life, my pre-ED life, my nerdiness, my tomboyishness here. It came to me as I let teh rain do wh" - Wilson Mountain, ionahraqs, Aug 17, 2018
"No gear for about the first 15’ made it pretty sketchy. Not a well traveled route so some holds popped... still a nice little spire. Beat the monsoons up and down with lightning around Flagstaff. Complete TR:" - Falcon's Nest, Christopher, Aug 17, 2018

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