Arizona peaks

3,592 peaks

Highest peak

Humphreys Peak

12,633 ft / 3,850 m

Most summited peak

Humphreys Peak

130 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Graham

6,320 ft / 1,926 m prom

Arizona summits

2,013 summits

First Ascent Awards

480 of 3,592 peaks 13%

Top climbing months

December 12%

May 11%

March 9%

Arizona mountains highlights

"No style points for this one. Rain in the morning with threat of monsoons in the afternoon resulted in the decision to drive most of the way up before hiking along the summit ridgeline between Pinal and Signal." - Pinal Peak, Christopher, Jul 10, 2018
"Ting-Ru, Yung-Han, and I were disappointed that Humphrey's Peak was closed because of the fire danger, but the recommendation of red mountain was great. We hiked up inside the volcano, explored the little slot canyon, and then scrambled up the cinder cone to the summit. All in all a 5 hour adventure with many nice views. " - Red Mountain, jak5280, Jun 17, 2018
"I started at 4 pm when my car said it was 107 degrees. I knew this would be easy and I also really took my time. It was probably the hottest I have ever hiked in. I went off trail from northeast of the peak, which was a fun ascent." - Two Peaks, ZachTeich, Jun 2, 2018
"I started around 5:20 and summited around 50 minutes later. I climbed up without using any of the railings, just to make it a little more challenging. It was definitely a fun climb and a great park." - Picacho Peak, ZachTeich, Jun 2, 2018
"Although the temperature was in the 100's, with my wife and son waiting in the car I didn't want to be too long. So I power hiked up to the summit of this point, then over to Shadow Mt." - Peak 1845 ft, ZachTeich, Jun 1, 2018

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