Wales peaks

1,912 peaks

Highest peak

Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa

3,560 ft / 1,085 m

Most summited peak

Moel Fama

929 summits

Most prominent peak

Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa

3,408 ft / 1,039 m prom

Wales summits

2,162 summits

First Ascent Awards

389 of 1,912 peaks 20%

Top climbing months

April 13%

June 12%

May 10%

Wales mountains highlights

"Solo from Gospel Pass, up Twmpa, Rhos Dirion, Pen y Manilwyn to this top. Easy going on nice, green grass paths but bothered by bees on the summits. Then on south to Pen Trumau, Mynydd Llysiau, Pen Twyn Glas (where I walked into a swarm of flying ants) to Pen Allt-Mawr. From here the path was beastly underfoot, uneven with large stones. On to Pen Cerrig-Calch and Table Mountain to end. Was in two minds about taking in Pen y Gadair Fawr when up Waun Fach but decided, wisely to stick to the itinerary, as it was enough as it was. Fortunately got picked up at the end of the walk. Nice!" - Waun Fach, vygodski, Sep 1, 2018
"Summitted after long walk from Gospel Pass taking in Twmpa, Rhos Dirion, Pen y Manilwyn, Waun Fachm, Pen Trumau, Mynydd Llysiau, Pen Twyn Glas, Pen Allt-Mawr, and Pen Cerrig-Calch. Took the east side down and met my lift at Ty-mawr." - Table Mountain, vygodski, Sep 1, 2018
"From the east, taking the footpath through Gwynfan farm, up the track past the trig point then on to the television tower. Did not quite reach the highest point because it was aggressively fenced off, but what's a few metres between chilled walkers and angry farmers. Followed footpath back to farm (it actually goes right through it and the farmer, though friendly to us, clearly doesn't want to advertise the fact)." - Rhiw Gwraidd, vygodski, Aug 28, 2018
"From the car park, round the base of Yr Eifl proper, then up the concrete steps and on up to this quite steep peak. Down to main path, up Yr Eifl, then return to car. Windy. Dry!" - Yr Eifl North Peak, vygodski, Aug 24, 2018
"Climbed from Lake Ogwen up the north face. Pretty hairy. Fair weather to the summit which helped with the tricky scrambling. At the summit the heavens opened. Didn't bag the South Peak as I was with my 16 year old nephew who'd reached his limit (well that's my excuse anyway). Headed south, climbed "Little Tryfan" and then descended to the west past the small lake and to the centre at the end of lake Ogwen. An exhilirating but at times scary climb." - Tryfan, vygodski, Aug 23, 2018

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