14,315 ft / 4,363 m


4,242 ft / 1,293 m


54 summits

Top climbing months

August   25%

July   24%

September  12%

Most climbed route

Nellie Creek


  • Uncompahgre peak is the highest Colorado 14er in the San Juan Range.
  • Has a broad summit plateau, rising about 1,500 feet above the broad surrounding alpine basins.
  • Its distinct shape and easy standard route attracts many summit seekers.
  • The south, east, and west sides are not particularly steep, but the north face boasts a 700 foot cliff.
  • Like all peaks in the San Juan Mountains, Uncompahgre is of volcanic origin, but is not a volcano.
  • The rock is of poor quality for climbing, precluding an ascent of the north face.
"After a climb of Wetterhorn, headed cross country to bag this one. Originally planned to end around to the South Ridge, but passed a group that just came down the West Face and said it wasn't bad. The route up steepened through some cliff bands half way up and was most loose near the top (not great for a torn ATFL) but the traverse from Wetterhorn wound up taking 3.5 hours. I would not hesitate to recommend the West Face despite the warnings if you're comfortable on loose class II. Complete TR: http://themtsarecalling.com/wetteruncomp/" - Christopher, Jul 16, 2016
"Began ascent from Nellie Creek 4WD TH at 7am, perfect weather, peaked at 10:40. Spent about an hour on the summit, beginning descent at 11:45, and with storms approaching, finished at 1:45pm shortly before rain hit. 27th CO 14er (and on the 27th!)" - Globetrotter87, Jul 27, 2013
"Perfect day for this summit. Colorado Blue Skies, wind was calm and the hike was great! Cut some time off coming down by sliding on windbreakers down the snow that was still up there." - drschickchiro, Jul 2, 2011
"This was a great solo in late spring. The trudge through the snow on the flat was the worst part. The glissade down the southernmost snow gully on the way down was the best. " - ChrisMeloche, May 26, 2001



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