14,315 ft / 4,363 m

#7 in Colorado

#29 in United States


4,242 ft / 1,293 m

#7 in Colorado

#149 in United States


56 summits

#33 in Colorado

#475 in United States

Top climbing months

August   26%

July   23%

September  14%

Most climbed route

Nellie Creek


  • Uncompahgre peak is the highest Colorado 14er in the San Juan Range.
  • Has a broad summit plateau, rising about 1,500 feet above the broad surrounding alpine basins.
  • Its distinct shape and easy standard route attracts many summit seekers.
  • The south, east, and west sides are not particularly steep, but the north face boasts a 700 foot cliff.
  • Like all peaks in the San Juan Mountains, Uncompahgre is of volcanic origin, but is not a volcano.
  • The rock is of poor quality for climbing, precluding an ascent of the north face.
1 summit • 7.9 mi • 15 ft gain • 2 hr 48 min