8,738 ft / 2,663 m


6 summits

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May   33%

June   33%

February   16%

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Unofficial trail

"Made great time on this second round, so decided to scramble to the top of a few other unnamed peaks off the side on the way back. Still one of my favorite hikes outside Nederland. " - LGH-Dan, May 15, 2018
"Parked at Gross Reservoir around 1:30, and hiked up Lakeshore Drive to County Road 68j, to the unmarked "path" that approaches Twin Sisters from the south. Saw a moose family on the way up- bull,cow, and two calves. Strangely beautiful day for February- around 75 degrees! However, with 60 mph winds at the summit, we cooled down quite a bit. The winds were so strong that they pushed my nose to the side, completely unzipped my Arcteryx jacket, and blew my friend Kyle's sunglasses off of his face. Crazy! We saw the moose again on the way back down, this time standing in the road. We didn't want t" - LGH-Dan, Feb 10, 2017



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