7,761 ft / 2,366 m


1,241 ft / 378 m


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Waterman Loop To Twin Peak

"Peak 2 of 3 on a warm August day. The first was Waterman Mountain (8,038'), and the third was Twin Peaks West (7,596'). I returned to the Mt. Waterman Trail Junction after summiting Waterman, and took the trail down the switchbacks to Twin Peaks Saddle (6,550'), and then a combination of use trail and cross-country (the trail seemed to disappear at times, so I followed climbers' cairns) up the very steep slope to the summit. I rested a bit, and as I started to descend, I saw how close Twin Peaks West was, so I hiked mostly cross country to it (there is some very faint trail here and there) " - brianpowell, Aug 22, 2017
"I truly believe there are no bad days in the mountains but this may have been one of my worst. Tagged Twin en route to a Triplet Rocks summit attempt, the hardest summit in the San Gabriels by far (17 miles rt, 7500 elevation gain, 6 miles of it class 2-3 and bushwack only a few dozen have ever succeeded). Topped out on Twin in less then 2 hours from Buckhorn and excellent time and started descending toward Triplet. Found some bighorn trails that kept me off the ridge. Thought if I stayed low I could avoid the bushwack and tiring scramble. Hit a sharp rib running NE shown cutting through 5800'" - Christopher, May 30, 2013
"The saddle between Twin Peaks and Waterman was burned pretty bad. The way up is one of the steepest class 1 trails I've ever been on. Spotted a herd of ~30 big horn sheep dropping off the saddle into the San Gabriel River Basin, which made a good hike a great one." - Christopher, Oct 21, 2011



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