3,010 ft / 917 m


626 ft / 191 m




28 summits

Top climbing months

August   17%

June   17%

April   13%

Most climbed route

North Ridge

"Part of my 2nd day bagging mountains on my 40 at 40 challenge. Amazing climb, thoroughly enjoyed and topped off by gaining the 'Freedom of Tryfan' by doing the jump between Adam and Eve. Follow my journey www.pushingpeaks.com " - brendans40at40, Jun 27, 2016
"We climbed Tryfan by accident, after a bit of miscommunication and some dodgy map-reading! It would have been a real shame to miss the epic scramble, so it was a happy accident. We then took in Glyder Fach (with the obligatory cantilever photo), Glyder Fawr and Llyn Idwal. A great day's walking!" - isabellehatfield, Apr 8, 2015
"Not 100% sure of the exact date, but it was whilst I was basic training for the Army. We climbed Tryfan and then onto and over Bristly Ridge to the Glyders. I always remember, climbing bristly, was the first time I ever had that feeling of "Oh my God, I'm falling" my pack was pulling me backwards on the steep scramble up. Tryfan and the Glyders were some of the trickiest scrambles I have done to date. 1 day, I'll return, and do them again." - UK-Ranger, Apr 17, 1987
"Reunion of those who had attended an Austrian Alpine Club course earlier in the year. Went to Llyn Ogwen and walked up to Heather Terrace on Tryfan. Rock climbing to reach summit. 13 people on six ropes." - peter43, Sep 29, 1962



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