13,947 ft / 4,251 m


364 ft / 111 m


2 summits

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North Face

"Day 2 of a 4-day trip in the Shepherd Pass Area - a big cross-country loop over Trojan Peak and Mt. Barnard. After spending the night acclimatizing at the pass, I dropped down into the Williamson Bowl and south to Lake Helen of Troy. There was snow ringing the entire lake, so I made my way around carefully, hiking on top of the frozen lake in sections to reach the slopes below Trojan Peak. I hike the slopes to the ridge, then to the summit for great views of Mt. Williamson. Next, I traversed south towards Mt. Barnard, dropping 1,000 ft to bypass cliffs and steep snow. From the summit, I desce" - klotito, Sep 2, 2017



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