2,720 ft / 829 m


299 ft / 91 m


53 summits

Top climbing months

October   18%

November   12%

May   10%

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Tremper Mt. Trail

"Headed up to check out the new parking lot for the Willow trail, as reported by Right-On last month, and visit the summits of Carl and Tremper mountains. No recent tracks beyond the SW peak of Carl mountain on the Warner Creek trail. Bare booted all the way to the tower, no need for snowshoes or spikes. Before heading back I climbed the tower for a better view." - Nimblefoot, Dec 5, 2018
"It was a very mild January day for this hike - no coats or gloves required! There was no snow on the ground and some patches of ice, but it was possible to avoid them. Beast of the East did try to climb up one icy spot and had to dig in his claws to stop himself from slipping. The lean-tos were nice places to stop and take a break. We found our 500th geocache on the mountain. We didn't make great time, but overall the hike wasn't too difficult. This was a good time of year for this hike. With the leaves down, the nearby ridges were visible nearly the entire hike. We climbed the tower at the to" - mrs-beast-of-the-east, Jan 28, 2018
"Started out trying to hike Cornell and Witt but went the wrong way, hiked back after 1.25 miles (2.5 Rd trip) and got back in the car and decided to do Tremper instead. Met a bear hunter with a old sow he just took at the summit." - cjpace, Sep 17, 2016
"Our last Firetower! The challenge is completed. Deb and I had such a thrill doing it and Tremper was a nice one to finish it off with. Cloudy and cold, some snow but we had fun and views were OK but a bit overcast. Only good views are from the tower." - hbotc, Dec 20, 2015
"Red lining the Warner Creek and Tanbark trails with Sharon and Steve for the CATs patch. Climbed the tower then waited for the volunteer to arrive to unlock the access door to the cab. Enjoyed the views despite the hazy skies." - Nimblefoot, Sep 19, 2015



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