11,611 ft / 3,539 m


885 ft / 270 m


12 summits

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June   25%

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October   25%

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Trail Pass / East Ridge

"After doing Middle Palisade yesterday, I was supposed to do Langley today with some friends, but my shoulders & foot were killing me (and I hadn't slept more than a couple hours so far this weekend), so I opted for an easier hike. Started from our camp near the Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead & went cross-country until I intersected the Trail Pass trail, which I followed to the pass. From there, I went straight up the east ridge to the summit. From the top, I descended straight down the steep northeast face down to Round Valley, then cross-country back to camp." - Kevin, Aug 11, 2013
"After Cirque I really wanted to return to the area but needed a girlfriend friendly peak. Here I found it. It was still a worthy hike and the views are rather enjoyable. The Trail Pass has several flowering species on the way up and as far as passes go in the area isn't so rough. There has to be a better spot to put that register than with the marmot poop. Also how did the telephone pole get up there??" - Irrationalist, Jun 29, 2013
"Recovering from a stress fracture in my foot and this was my second peak back (after Wonoga for sunset the previous night). Felt super out of shape and took so much longer than I should have, but at least I'm back in the mountains. Stupid foot." - calipidder, Aug 18, 2012


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