14,275 ft / 4,351 m


560 ft / 170 m


206 summits

Top climbing months

July   28%

August   21%

September  13%

Most climbed route

Traverse from Grays Peak


  • Torreys Peak is a Colorado 14er in the Front Range along the Continental Divide.
  • Nearly always mentioned in conjunction with nearby 14er Grays Peak.
  • Once at the summit, many opt to continue on to the summit of Grays Peak, 0.75 miles away.
  • Since these peaks are close to Denver, you probably won't be alone out there.
"Torreys might have actually been higher than Greys today. A decent drift of snow at the summit makes it a bit taller. Was able to glissade almost 1000 ft down from the saddle. It was fun." - wazoheat, Jun 20, 2017
" I climbed Torreys Peak and Grays Peak via Kelso Ridge. My third summit of Torreys, and second summit of Grays. We met up with a larger group to camp the night before in honor of Selena LeDoux's birthday. Most of the group chose to go up the standard route. My friends Hunter Nerison, Joshua Meyer, and myself decided on Kelso Ridge. There was snow the last hundred feet or so, perhaps a bit more, but the route was mostly clear. It was a beautiful day and good times were had by all!" - IanWright, Jun 18, 2016
"Did this climb from the West Ridge at Loveland Pass. On the way to Torreys on this route you have to climb Cupid, Grizzly Peak, and a few other unnamed points. Then on the way back you have to climb them all over again from the other direction. This made for a very long and difficult day. Especially in winter! In addition, you are above 13,000 ft on the ridge for a majority of the hike. This is a lung buster for sure! Took us between 12 and 13 hours round trip, but we took our time and hung out on a few of the summits. A nice clear day with almost no wind till the very end. " - IanWright, Mar 11, 2016
"Beautiful views from the summit. Luckily we got the summit to ourselves for a several minutes. Ran into several mountain goats on the ridge and got a few good photos. May have to add them once I get them uploaded. Photo from Torreys looking southeast with Grays and Evans & Bierstadt in the distance." - tylerburg, Aug 28, 2015
"Fairly quick and easy to make it to the summit from the saddle between Gray's and Torrey's. Probably only took us about 20-30 minutes. A very dramatic and awesome looking mountain with great views from the top. " - IanWright, Aug 16, 2015



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