8,716 ft / 2,657 m


3,996 ft / 1,218 m


13 summits

Top climbing months

July   23%

December   23%

May   15%

Most climbed route

Toro Peak Access Road

"Great Start for my Last Week of Vacation before returning to Sea Level. Easy access from the Road drive up as much or little as you want, I parked at the Saddle between Toro and Santa Rosa Mountain so I got a good Hike out of Toro. " - Nuernberger, Jul 10, 2015
"After driving up Thomas the day before, my confidence in the shitwagon was renewed and I abused her almost to the summit. Parked just below the gates, the headed cross country to the summit just as the sun started to poke through." - Christopher, Jan 25, 2014



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