11,526 ft / 3,513 m


1,006 ft / 307 m


18 summits

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June   22%

August   22%

July   16%

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Straight up from Gardisky Lake

"This is an incredible peak. First off, the views are flawless, second its easy to get to. Parked at the lake parking lot. If you use the all trails app, it will show you a fork or a loop option . TAKE THE RIGHT AT THE FORK. Go to the lake after the summit, don't skip the lake, but go after. The loop it describes takes you thru about 30 minutes of knee high bushes, taking the right takes you to the summit. There is a false summit but the saddle and the top are easy to navigate, its a straight shot. Great day. " - puddlepirate, Sep 21, 2018
"I met my friends at the Gardisky Lake Trailhead for our 1st hike of 5 days out here in Yosemite. THis was our only hike outside the park but its a favorite of ours so we met here. Gorgeous hike up to Gardisky and then the butt kicking starts going up the western slope of Tioga. The elevation hits when you just drove up from sea level. THe views are so sweet from this rarely visited summit. A great way to start the trip and #45 of my 100 peaks in 2014 goal. We swam naked in Gardisky lake on the way down." - 1-with-Nature, Jul 11, 2014
"Geez...crazy day. Went with Chris & some of his ski buddies. They went skiing up past Saddlebag Lake & I climbed the peak. When I started, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Hiked up by beautiful stream with waterfalls & flowers to alpine lakes. By the time I got up top, there were dark clouds over Mount Dana. By the time I was halfway down, the entire sky was black & opened up with pouring rain & hail. I have never to this day seen storms develop so fast. Got soaked while hiking back the road to Saddlebag Lake & met the boys who also got soaked. This peak has a lot of bang for the buck. So pret" - StudioHoodoo, Jul 25, 2010
"We were camping for a week on Lake Ellery and did a day hike up to Gardiski Lake a very remote lake up around 11,000 ft. From there we went up the south west to west face of Tioga. there was a little bit of snow navigating around the lake to get to that point first. Mostly a small rock scramble all the way up and the views from the top were among the best my eyes had ever been treated to. we slide down the snow on our backs for a quick easy way down haha." - 1-with-Nature, Jun 27, 2010


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