5,398 ft / 1,645 m


638 ft / 194 m


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September  33%

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July   16%

"I took the Cold Creek Trail from FR 9070 to the PCT to Mirror Lake, then up the SW ridge to both the East and West peaks of Tinkham. The trail is hard to follow at times with patchy snow and no tracks at all. We left some, but they are light in the hard crust, and probably won't last long in the warm weather. I've seen trip reports and maps indicating that you can go straight down WNW from the W peak, but I wasn't confident enough looking at it from the top, so I went back the same way. Going up and down on that west ridge would make it much easier to combine Tinkham, Abiel and Silver in one t" - markgarrett, Jun 1, 2016
"Even though it was a Friday, I left Seattle at 4:20 AM to ensure I wouldn’t have too much company on the trail. Hiked in along the PCT and found the cairns for the Silver Peak trail very easily at 1.7 miles. It’s pretty mild class 1 other than about 10 ft. of class 2. It was about 3 miles total to the top, which took 1 hr 40 minutes with copious stops for photos. After a break on the top of Silver, I descended to South Silver Peak, which is nothing more than a treed bump in the ridgeline. Continued on to Abiel (class 2), reaching the top at the 3 hr mark and 4.19 miles. From there I backtra" - TynanRammGranberg, Jun 5, 2015
"Did a loop that included Tinkham and Silver. Cloudy up high, so not much in the way of views. No rain but the bushes were wet. Full TR: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8013722" - MangyMarmot, Nov 1, 2014
"Second attempt on Tinkham; turned around last time after running out of daylight. This time it was meant to be. Morning clouds burned off by the time I hit the trail at 11:30 and had perfect hiking conditions. Made it up the dense, steep ridge and after the quick scramble stood on top at 1:30. Incredible exposure on north face of Tinkham, even the slight breeze made me nervous to go to the edge. Contemplated heading over to East Tinkham but wanted to make sure I had enough time for Silver Peak... from the summit of Tinkham Silver looks like a true classic." - scott, Jul 18, 2014
"We took the PCT south from Windy Pass to the junction with the Silver/Tinkham Peak trail just before the pond. From there we headed up to South Silver Peak in the middle of the ridge between Silver and Tinkham Peaks. Then we headed up to Silver Peak and took in some great views thanks to some beautiful weather. Next, we headed back to South Silver Peak, then took the ridge to Abiel Peak. From there it was back to South Silver Peak once again before heading up to Tinkham Peak. Great views Silver, Tinkham, and Abiel. We couldn't have asked for a better day." - Al-Rashid, Sep 3, 2012



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