8,303 ft / 2,531 m


543 ft / 166 m


106 summits

Top climbing months

June   15%

October   13%

September  11%

Most climbed route

Icehouse Canyon/3 T's Trail

"Shot up the .9 miles from Icehouse Saddle to pick this up. Somehow I left it outstanding. Passed a couple European backpackers who were camping on a bench just below the summit." - JustinB, Jul 9, 2018
"Christmas Day summit of the three T's (Timber, Telegraph, and Thunder). The Baldy Notch restaurant was open and was able to get in 16 miles, three peaks, a hamburger and a beer." - laphil, Dec 25, 2017
"Started at Middle Fork Trailhead. Hiked up Middle Fork Trail. As I assended the canyon ran into two feet of snow on the southern side. Had to scramble up the north side and find the trail multiple times as it disappeared in the snow. Reached Icehouse saddle and then followed 3 T's trail to the summit of Timber Mountain. Total distance was 12.4 miles round trip back to trailhead." - Zardoz, Apr 5, 2017
"Blitzed up the Icehouse Canyon trail to Icehouse Saddle. Really felt good early on in this hike. Timber summit was not very interesting, so I headed off immediately for Telegraph." - edg, Aug 2, 2015
"In training for Mt Whitney in August-made it to the saddle in 1:28 and on to Timber-cold storm coming in on April 7th and the wind was cold and about 20-25 mph! stayed on the top long enough to sign the register-previous was the day before-and back down via Chapman" - Curt, Apr 6, 2015



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