8,215 ft / 2,504 m


2 summits

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July   50%

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Trail from Freezeout Pass

"From the town of Winthrop, Washington, you drive about 25 miles out of town, mostly on dirt roads, to a 'pass' at 6500' elevation. There you park your vehicle and enter the trail. Minutes after that point you might already be winded and discouraged (like I was) by the strong expectation that there is 'no way' you're going to make it up another 1700 feet over 2.2 miles of travel. Let me be clear in stating that I am NOT in any way a true "hiker", but for personal reasons I wanted to hike up this 'easy' mountain trail. As you drive along the forest road enroute, you encounter an awesome vantage " - novicehiker, Aug 14, 2011


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