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August   22%

September  16%

July   14%

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Baldy Notch

"My Last and Final Peak of Today. Great Snow Conditions Glissading down from Telegraph Peak to the Saddle. Going up to Thunder was not Fun but it was Short and the end in Sight. " - Nuernberger, Dec 29, 2014
"The final and easiest of the three T's, the Thunder Mountain trail takes a consistent line, trending left up the slope and around to the "peak" which feels more like hill after the semi-alpine feel of Telegraph. Nice to look onto Baldy Notch and see some folks moving near the lodge--little did we know what awaited us there. " - jameslkennedy, May 11, 2014
"Hit snow once I got to the Notch. Snow-shoed up one of the gentler slopes and had lunch at the summit. Continued on to Telegraph before accidentally dropping into Big Butch Wash and scrambling back to my car." - Christopher, Feb 8, 2012
"The 3rd and final peak of the day as I completed the 3T's hike with a buddy. This one was not very spectacular to say the least. In fact it was quite the disappointment since it wasn't very prominent and there was a ski hut on top the summit connecting the lifts for the ski runs. Not being able to get a 360 view was a drag and there was no designated spot as the summit of summit block. So my buddy and I climbed to the top of the roof on this large hut and took our summit shots here. It was quite classic and I wish I could post them here but the only copies I have are too small for this site :(" - 1-with-Nature, Aug 6, 2010



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