10,540 ft / 3,213 m


1,480 ft / 451 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

May   54%

June   13%

January   9%

"We first attempted this one, and failed, two weeks ago. We had arrived just as it started snowing and in no time at all there was 6-8 in of snow and the snow was still falling. The visibility was so bad that we couldn't see more then 20 ft in front of us, and as a result we ended up climbing the wrong peak. We went back today and it was like night and day compared to our first attempt. It was hot and clear and the snow had melted on most of the mountain. Just goes to show how quickly and drastically the conditions on a mountain can change. Since conditions were so much better this time around " - IanWright, Jun 2, 2015



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