6,863 ft / 2,092 m


9 summits

Top climbing months

August   33%

June   22%

November   22%

Most climbed route

Thorn Point Trail

"This trip started out pretty cold. The water at the stream crossing was frozen over, but as I drove over it, the car broke through and the water came half way up the wheels. It was about 25F when I started up the trail and the tall golden grasses of the Los Padres NF had a becoming coating of frost. I warmed up quick though, walking up the mountain towards the ridge. Super cool lookout on top. There was even a big topo map on the inside, so I could Identify all the nearby peaks." - klotito, Nov 19, 2017
"Chickened out driving through a stream on the way to the TH, so this ended up being a bit longer than anticipated. I've come to love this part of Los Padres. The Sespe Wilderness is amazing for being so close to LA." - edg, Nov 4, 2017



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