2,031 ft / 619 m


911 ft / 278 m


68 summits

Top climbing months

January   15%

December   11%

April   11%

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Thomas Mountain Trail


  • The Thomas Mountain Trail follows a forest road and ends at a lookout with views of the Lake George south and central basins and the southwestern Adirondacks.
  • Bikes can be used on the trails.
  • The Cat and Thomas Mountain Preserve protects the waters of Edgecomb Pond, which is the source of drinking water for Bolton Landing.
  • Many hikers continue on from Thomas Mountain to Cat Mountain.
"Cat Mountain + Thomas Mountain December 23rd, 2018 Cat Mountain 9:30a We started at 8am this morning, I was hungry and tired when I woke up and did most of this hike with a headache. The plan is to do this as well as Thomas Mountain today. This will be my longest hike to date at over 6 miles. Francis and Eli walk extremely fast up the mountain and it is hard to keep up with them. I am also way to nice to ask them to slow down. This came back to bite me in the butt since just a few seconds ago I stopped sat down on a rock and began feeling like I was gonna puke. I tried stopping myself " - devenmosher24, Dec 23, 2018
"A nice chilly winter day to loop hike Cat & Thomas Mountains. Cat was in the cloud so the view was hit and miss, but by the time we made it to Thomas the sun had broken through and it was beautiful." - Right-On, Feb 3, 2018
"Climbed Cat Mountain first, then took the Yellow Trail (Richard Hayes Phillips Trail) to Thomas. Some short steep icy sections on the Yellow Trail, traction is definitely helpful. We had to assist a couple coming up one section by giving them some rope to hang onto - they just didn't have the traction to make it up without extra handholds. Disappointed that the cabin has been removed from the summit, but it was being destroyed - better to take it down than to have someone burn it down by accident. It was a beautiful day to be out! " - PJSelmer, Jan 20, 2018
"Headed down on a long drive to hit Cat & Thomas as part of the LG12. Not a bad day for early December, a few clouds, but still great views, and temperatures were above freezing. Loved the cabin at the top, but sad to recently discover that the DEC plan to remove it. Great little peak and not overly difficult at all. 1/12 in the LG 12ster and 18/26 in the Junior peaks challenge." - UK-Ranger, Dec 2, 2017
"Found today with my friends Paul, Shane and Kayla. Not satisfied with just finding the cabin, we circled the yellow trail around the mountain and bushwhacked to the true summit. A great view, although I hear they’re going to be removing the cabin soon." - MarkEarle67, Dec 2, 2017



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