5,364 ft / 1,635 m


296 ft / 90 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

February   25%

March   25%

April   25%

Most climbed route

NE Ridge

"15 mile solo 3 peak run/trek. Bridge, Crest (limestone North Peak) & The Divided Sky. Took Rocky Gap and Giant Mile shortcut to Bridge starting at Willow Springs Picnic area, summited Bridge, then Crest Peak and descended to the Red Rock Summit Pass and took Rocky gap to The Divided Sky....Snow and some ice to deal with and watch out for. " - paula.raimondi, Dec 16, 2018
"Mike & I needed a short day, so we headed out to Red Rock to do a couple short scrambles. Headed up the NE Ridge of the mountain. This was a fun scramble with a great narrow ridgeline to follow near the summit. For a change of pace, we headed down the North face, which was a brushy mess. Won't be doing that again." - Kevin, Mar 28, 2015


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