6,842 ft / 2,085 m


2,682 ft / 817 m


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June   50%

July   20%

March   10%

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South Peak

"This was an amazing trip with OSAT grads! Dan McCambridge slipped and fell at one of the waterfalls and had to bow out from leading the group to the summit. Nik and Ray stepped up as leaders and it was a bluebird day!!" - chrisfiamengo, Sep 27, 2015
"Almost everything went according to plan as I finally got out to explore this classic. We left the TH at 5 pm and made it up through the Valley of the Silent Men in dense fog and dimming light to the Brothers basecamp by 8pm. Next morning we got a late 8am start for the summit. A lot of sections to this climb: first the forest, then the fire section, then the rockpile/streambed section, then finally the snow (with a long hike portion after the first gully). The Hourglass was still in great shape, and snow ramped all the way to a little below the summit. Crampons required. Descending things a" - scott, Jun 11, 2014



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