6,040 ft / 1,841 m


120 ft / 37 m


31 summits

Top climbing months

August   16%

June   16%

July   12%

Most climbed route

Art Loeb Trail

"This trip was on the most beautiful day for a hike. I began at the Art Loeb Trail where it intersects Black Balaam Rd and began my climb, meandering through the forest. After popping up out of the trees, there are 360 degree views. This is probably my favorite hike, because of the beautiful scenery for most of the hike. I passed by a couple getting married as well as several other hikers along the way to Black Balsam Knob. One I reached the top, I realized that I had plenty more time before sunset. So I continued on to Tennent Mountain. I left the crowd behind at Black Balsam and immed" - ChrisM, Apr 28, 2018
"Mid-November loop day hike hitting three Southern Six'ers and three waterfalls. Graveyard Fields Overlook > Graveyard Fields Loop > Lower Falls > MST Access > Skinny Dip Falls > Bridges Camp Gap Trail > Greasy Cove Trail > Ivestor Gap > Grassy Cove Top > Art Loeb Section 3 > Tennent Mountain > Black Balsam Knob > Black Balsam Parking > MST > Graveyard Ridge Connector > Graveyard Fields Loop > Upper Falls > Graveyard Fields Overlook Distance: 18.6 mi. Altitude Gain: 4993 ft." - WGMayo, Nov 12, 2016
"Hiked with Caet Cash - a continuation of our trip to Shining Rock - we had already passed over Black Balsam at this point. Holy blueberries! What a fantastic treat to be able to eat wild berries as we hiked. Not much in the way of distance or elevation gain between the two peaks. Absolutely stunning views. " - kellieirene, Jul 27, 2016
"A nice stop along the way to Cold Mountain. Fall is the best time of year to hike the Art Loeb Trail because of the foliage. The Shining Rock Wilderness is my favorite backpacking area in NC." - tlannin, Oct 24, 2015
"Second of three summits this day - fairly easy summit from Art Loeb Trail heading north but loved the view - great visibility this day - continuing Art Loeb north more challenging and interesting as well" - richard, Aug 21, 2011



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