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Mahogany Flats


  • Telescope Peak is the highest point in Death Valley National Park
"Drove in from Las Vegas on Friday night, and camped at Mahogany Flat campground (8,133' elevation) the night before hiking/summiting. Windy as heck at the campground! Road from the Wildrose Charcoal Kilns on up was kinda rough. Glad I have a 4x4 HCV, it would have been dicey in a lower-clearance vehicle. Some serious (6-8" deep) washboarding on the last mile or so of the road. Started on the trail to Telescope Peak at 6:23 AM. Reached the summit around 10 AM. Was back down to the trailhead (and logged in the register) at 1:32 PM; a 7 hour hike. Not too shabby for my first ever solo out-of-town" - psychikingjes, Sep 22, 2018
"California. Parked at first campsite after charcoal kilns. What a horrible road! Walked the rest up to the trailhead. Camped on the ridge before the top. Lots of wind at night. Hiked up the day after in the morning. A group of 3 young and 2 lesser young men at the top. They pointed out Mt Whitney in the distance." - Pieter, Aug 12, 2017
"After a long long drive from Ridgecrest through the Pantamint Valley and then over Towne and Emigrant passes, we spent the night at Wildrose campground. Drove up to Mahogany Flats early and summitted around noon. Epic views back to the Sierra and down into both valleys. Wind picked up significantly on the way back but we made it back without blowing off the mountain :)" - edg, Apr 5, 2015
"Drove up from Las Vegas at 2am. Started the hike at 645am & followed the trail to the saddle between Rogers & Bennett. From there, we hiked cross-country up the sometimes snow-covered slope to Bennett Peak. After quickly signing the summit register, we continued down the ridge, back to the trail & up to Telescope Peak. Due to the VERY cold temps and the long drive back to Vegas, we did not also do Rogers on the way back, as we had originally planned. I doubt the temps got over 40 today & there was a steady, biting wind the whole time. Yuck!" - Kevin, Nov 16, 2014
"View was pretty hazy due to the fires in San Diego, just a few patches of snow left, which came in handy as I gave myself heat stroke from being too warmly dressed, not from the weather - doh!" - HikerDan, May 16, 2014



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