7,160 ft / 2,182 m


600 ft / 183 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

September  25%

December   16%

August   16%

"Once again, with an early start, I put the first boot prints in the dirt for the day. I was a little concerned that the trail seemed to go in the opposite direction of the mountain for a while. However, it bends around some other peaks and connects to a forest road. Once on the road, it goes in a more direct route to the summit. Naturally, once I reached the top, I never had a doubt that I was going the right way all along! While returning, I learned that the trail is also open to dirt bikes. I had to jump out of the way a few times as they came roaring past." - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 16, 2017
"Bagging some peaks in the Frazier Park area before the Pinos to Cerro Noroeste traverse. Pleasant but hot hike up Cold Springs Canyon, then around the back of the peak and up. Saw many dead and dying trees ad wondered if the drought was affecting these slopes more than most. Also saw a horned lizard and a rattlesnake." - klotito, Aug 1, 2015



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