8,802 ft / 2,683 m


5 summits

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May   40%

September  40%

August   20%

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Manter Meadow Trail

"Second peak of the day. Route finding on the way up kind of sucked. I definitely did not take the easiest route on this one. Short class 3 scramble up to the summit. Hope I climbed the right one, couldn't find the register. " - edg, Sep 5, 2015
"Climbed this with my friends Zack, Brian and Dan. Zack and I saw this from Cannell Peak in the Spring and wanted to hit this along with a trip to McNally's on the way back. A bit more involved on the scrambling than I expected. It was class 3 at the summit block. It only got risky in a couple spots but was fine if you took your time. I have no idea how they got a 11 and 6 year old up this (saw their signatures in the book). I wonder if I missed some really easy way up?" - Irrationalist, Sep 28, 2013



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