4.9 mi to summit

12.9 mi total


2,184 ft start

4,407 ft max


3,599 ft gain


2 hr 59 min to summit

9 hr 5 min total

Tabletop and Phelps with Jeff and Meenu: We started out at 2 am Sunday and got to the trailhead a little before 6. It was a gorgeous day, slightly cool to start, and I wore my long sleeves for a good part of the hike (although I was plenty warm). Surprisingly ran into running friend Lori and her husband at the trailhead and saw them again coming down from the summit. The trail from the Loj is starting to seem familiar. We went past Marcy Dam and took the trail to Tabletop first. I wasn’t expecting much from Tabletop but I thought the views were great. We summited at almost exactly 3 hours in. After spending a little time enjoying the view and refueling we headed back down and took the short detour to visit Indian Falls, which was a beautiful lookout over some nice falls. Back down to the junction and we headed up Phelps. This was a bit steeper with a few boulders to climb but not bad. I was in the lead or much of it and trying to keep a steady pace even though I was a little tired at this point, and Meenu thought we were rushing her a bit (“do we have an appointment up there?”) . The views on Phelps were incredible. Seeing so many of the surrounding high peaks and beyond. I can recognize a couple of the mountains by sight but its’ still hard to orient direction all the time. We were about 6 hours in at the summit and spent quite a bit of time relaxing up there. Then we headed back down for the long hike out. As always, the last two miles were tough – but at least I was pretty familiar with where we were and how long it would be as we made it to Marcy Dam and the trail out. This was the shortest hike we did all summer at 9 hours total time, and probably the easiest one since Cascade and Porter. It was nice to have a bit of a break from the longer, tougher hikes. We ate at the Hungry Hiker, which was open for the first time this summer. I had a delicious burrito that really hit the spot. Meenu also brought us some watermelon with chili and lime that was amazing after the hike. On the ride home, we listened to the 46er podcast with Jonathan Zaharek talking about his attempt for FKT to complete the 46 unsupported. Really interesting and also made me think I’m starting to “know” the peaks as I listen to him describe his experience on ones that I’ve been to. I’m not sure how many more peaks I’ll get to this summer and fall, but this was a good trip to kind off wind up the summer as work starts up (intensely)

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