This was another fantastic day for this hike. It was cold and sunny in the morning. We had heard that Tabletop was a muddy trail, so we took advantage of the cold weather and the presence of snow to do it.We had let ourselves been told that the view at the top was not that great. We were actually surprised on how nice it was. Maybe it was because of the cold weather and snow. Still we had an amazing day.We returned just in time before the sunset.Oh yes, we also made a detour to Indian Falls.Once again, the Adirondacks offer the best views. My wife Brigitte Doyon and I will remember this hike for a long time.

Feet | Meters
Natural Atlas (US)
Route to summit

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10.6 mi / 17.1 km total

5.1 mi / 8.2 km up


7 hr 18 min total

3 hr 58 min up


2,365 ft / 721 m gain

2,195 ft / 669 m start


snow on route

Key gear

crampons, trekking poles