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430 ft / 131 m


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"This was another fantastic day for this hike. It was cold and sunny in the morning. We had heard that Tabletop was a muddy trail, so we took advantage of the cold weather and the presence of snow to do it.We had let ourselves been told that the view at the top was not that great. We were actually surprised on how nice it was. Maybe it was because of the cold weather and snow. Still we had an amazing day.We returned just in time before the sunset.Oh yes, we also made a detour to Indian Falls.Once again, the Adirondacks offer the best views. My wife Brigitte Doyon and I will remember this hike f" - CPaquin, Nov 11, 2017
"Second high peak of the day, and what a muddy boggy mess !! The last section of "trail" at the top was about 12in deep in thick sloppy mud in parts. We pushed on and grabbed #7 in our quest for the 46ers. A great day to be in the mountains Today, weather was awesome, views amazing. 7/46." - UK-Ranger, Jul 29, 2017
"High Peak #7 - Done with Phelps Mountain. If I were to sum up this hike in one word, that would would definitely be "muddy". But that's just one part of what gives this mountain its "personality" - The great views and the challenging trail are all part of the enjoyment of this peak." - RangersApprentice, Jul 29, 2017
"Enjoyed a great hie with friends as they work towards earning their W46. Base is nice and deep this year, trail was well broken out, temps were frigid and a nice storm was on the way in. Met many folks out enjoying the crispy winter day - nice 10.5 mile RT hike, about 5.5 hours RT" - deb-and-rob, Jan 14, 2017
"Solo. Definitely not one of my favorites. I'm getting tired of hiking the trail in from the Loj. Haha. I started out around 0815, and unfortunately maintained an absolutely ruthless pace through the entirety of the day to avoid hiking *with* other hikers, of which there were a remarkable amount considering it was Tuesday. I did stop to chat with some on the way up as well as the descent, but I prefer to move along alone for the most part. I'm beginning to see that the "trail-less" peaks of the Daks will never be like the Catskills. Upon leaving the marked trail, there was still a blatant trail" - kellieirene, Aug 30, 2016



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