3,562 ft / 1,085 m


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52 summits

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April   19%

December   15%

August   14%

Most climbed route

Skeleton Gorge

"Jan and I walked up from Camps Bay, took the pipe track to thr right, walked up and then took the Woody Ravine up the mountain. From there we walked to the reservoirs and took a detour to Maclear's Beacon. From there took Smuts Track to Skeleton Gorge and down to Kirstenbosch Gardens." - Willowskid08, Apr 2, 2017
"Went up the Table Mountain from various approaches while in Cape Town. I understood why it's called so by getting atop the first time: the whole thing is like having been cut by a saw in the middle. Great mountain! Table Mountain Photo Album: http://dimitriosfan.com/2016/12/03/table-mountain-western-cape-south-africa-%E2%80%A2photo-album%E2%80%A2/" - DimitriosFan, Mar 22, 2017
"A familiar route for me is to summit Maclears Beacon from the Back Table. I start at Constantia Nek and follow the Bridal path to Overseer's Cottage. Just after leaving the cottage you will find a path heading along the Eastern side of the Mountain (With views are of the Southern Suburbs of the Cape Peninsula). This path eventually becomes Smuts Track (Though officially only at the top of Skeleton Gorge) and can be followed all the way to Maclears Beacon. The Strava Course Record is less than 1 hour to the top though I have never broken an hour. I would estimate that the trail is at lea" - desdeary, Nov 28, 2015
"I summited Table Mountain as part of the Three Peaks Challenge. Table Mountain is the second of three summits in the event. The course starts all the cultral centre of Green Market Square and summits Devils Peak, Table Mountain (Maclears Beacon) and Lions Head while returning to Green Market Square after each summit. We summited Devils Table Mountain via Platterklip Gorge which was accessed from Tafelberg Road." - desdeary, Nov 7, 2015
"Did this mountain several times using different routes while in Cape Town back in 2014. Table Mountain Photo Album: http://dimitriosfan.com/2016/12/03/table-mountain-western-cape-south-africa-%E2%80%A2photo-album%E2%80%A2/ " - DimitriosFan, Nov 15, 2014



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