14,162 ft / 4,317 m

#33 in Colorado

#62 in United States


455 ft / 139 m

#815 in Colorado

#4,532 in United States


43 summits

#45 in Colorado

#522 in United States

Top climbing months

August   32%

September  18%

July   16%

Most climbed route

Saddle from Mt Shavano

Class 2


  • Tabeguache Peak is a Colorado 14er in the Sawatch Range.
  • A near neighbor of the higher peak Mount Shavano which lies about 1/2 mile to the southeast.
  • Its name is pronounced ‰ÛÏtab-uh-wash,‰Û with the accent on the first syllable.
  • The standard route for Tabeguache starts at the Blank Gulch trailhead and goes over the summit of Shavano.
  • Although often an afterthought to climbing Shavano, Tabeguache offers superior views of the rest of the Sawatch Range to the north.