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Ridge connected to Redcloud


  • Sunshine Peak is Colorado 14er in the San Juan Mountains about 1 mile south of fellow 14er Redcloud Peak.
  • Dubious distinction of being the lowest of Colorado's 54 official fourteeners.
  • Only has prominence of 481 feet from its higher neighbor Redcloud Peak. The two 14ers are usually climbed in combination.
  • Steeper local relief than many other fourteeners: it rises 4,450 feet in only 1.2 miles
"Made the summit via the saddle from Redcloud Peak. Good day hiking, pretty cold though. Made the descent via Northwest Face. Went down the wrong gully and felt more like a class 3 rather than a class 2. Still had a good time." - Brandon-Shinsplint-, Sep 16, 2017
"The ridge from Redcloud to Sunshine was gorgeous and we even had some sections where we did a little trail running. I was very happy that I had no symptoms of altitude sickness like I experienced on Elbert a couple of months earlier. We made the summit in good time after leaving Redcloud and hung out taking photos and eating some snacks. We noticed some clouds starting to roll in and rather than risk being caught in a storm while reascending Redcloud, we decided to descend via the northwest ridge of Sunshine. This trail was mostly class two with one chute that was probably class three. We were" - LGH-Tom, Sep 12, 2017
"I approached Sunshine from the standard Redcloud/Sunshine combo route. The summit was clouded in, but I waited for 15 mins and got some good ol' Sunshine! The return to Redcloud was agony." - WaxDr, Aug 28, 2016
"Last peak of the trip after Redcloud. Dropped down the West Face into the South Fork drainage- took the wrong chute through the cliff bands (too far to the left) and got loose unconsolidated rock that made my hurt ankle more unhappy. Made it back to the TH by 11AM for an 11 hour drive back to Phoenix. Complete TR: http://themtsarecalling.com/redsun/" - Christopher, Jul 17, 2016
"CO 14er #29. Nice clear night, plenty of moonlight, very little wind, not very cold. Began hiking standard route at 7:30pm. Peaked Redcloud at 9:45pm, continued to Sunshine and peaked that at 10:35pm. Finished hike at 1:20am on the 17th." - Globetrotter87, Aug 16, 2013



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