14,059 ft / 4,285 m

#53 in Colorado

#97 in United States


399 ft / 122 m

#1,394 in Colorado

#8,138 in United States


37 summits

#76 in Colorado

#998 in United States

Top climbing months

July   35%

August   24%

September  18%

Most climbed route

South Slopes

Class 4


  • Sunlight Peak is a Colorado 14er within the Weminuche Wilderness in the Needle Mountains, a subrange of the San Juan Mountains.
  • One of 3 fourteeners in the Needle Mountains; the other two are Mount Eolus and Windom Peak.
  • Windom and Sunlight lie on the east side of Twin Lakes, in upper Chicago Basin, while Eolus lies on the west side.
  • All three peaks are relatively remote by Colorado standards, and have a strong wilderness character; however they can be popular in summer.
  • The standard route up Sunlight Peak is from the south, known as the "Red Couloir". It's a non-technical scramble, but achieving the top of the famed summit block requires an exposed rock climbing move considered by many to be the hardest move of any standard route up a Colorado 14er.
1 summit • 22.6 mi • 9,180 ft gain • 18 hr 28 min