7,528 ft / 2,295 m


248 ft / 76 m


29 summits

Top climbing months

April   17%

November   13%

March   13%

"6.8 mile r/t w/2000' gain on trail and short scramble to high point above cliff. Took Deer Springs Trail from SR-243 (mm 5.25) near Idyllwild Nature Center to Suicide Rock Trail with group of 23 "Sunrise to Sunset" meetup hikers led by Randy Smith. I swept. " - BradStemm, Sep 17, 2017
"Backpacked up here from deer springs on our way to Strawberry Junction Camp. Good water flow halfway down the suicide rock trail, great views from the edge of suicide rock where we enjoyed a joint in the sun. The following day we hit San Jacinto, Folly, Miller, Jean, Newton Drury, and Marion Mountain." - 1-with-Nature, Apr 6, 2014
"Meanwhile in the San Jacinto Mountains… My first thought as I got out of the car for the short walk to Deer Springs trailhead was how warm it already was! It’s usually cooler at 5000’ in Idyllwild above the Hemet Valley where I started out that morning at 7:30 AM. It was projected to be 80 degrees in Idyllwild but I didn’t believe the weather report. Not only was the hot sun out at 8:30 AM, so were a few deer crossing the road. I froze - not only to observe but to also freak just a little because I heard a car coming around the bend. I’d hoped it would NOT hit them but the car slowed and" - b2squared, Jun 8, 2013
" Went up on a cool morning with my friend Ron. It was his first time on this trail. After about a mile there was snow on the ground. Snow towards the summit, had to really watch your footing but made it alright. Had a great lunch with a view, I would highly recommend this hike to anyone." - subycruiser, Nov 16, 2011
"Should've had snow-shoes or crampons as I fell on my butt 4 times on the way down haha. But we tromped through miles of snow and the achievement factor was, therefore, very high." - futurekings, Dec 26, 2010



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