8,805 ft / 2,684 m


205 ft / 62 m


7 summits

Top climbing months

July   28%

August   28%

April   14%

Most climbed route


"I started the hike in the Snow Summit parking lot. Starting at Bear Mountain Resort is closer, but I didn't want to climb back down after I completed my Snow Summit climb, drive over to Bear Mountain Resort, and climb back up the ridge. It made more sense to me to find Forest Service Road 2N10 while I was already up there. Fortunately, the pathway to the road was prominently signed when reaching the Snow Summit high point. So away I went. The road leaves Snow Summit behind and gradually climbs to Bear Mountain Resort (the large trail map signs along the way are very helpful). Along the way, t" - Peak-Conquistador, Aug 30, 2017


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