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sugarloaf trail

"Amazing, mild weather for a hike. Sugarloaf was lovely, with incredible views of snow frosted Gorgonio. Notes: The trail was rocky pretty much the entire way. There's still patches of snow lining on the north face. I found them fun but bring poles at least and be mindful. Although I feel like they're melting quickly now. Lastly, when I went the gate from the northern route was locked, adding maybe three plus miles of rocky drudgery. " - JustinB, Apr 25, 2017
"Moderately strenuous hike, about 10 miles round trip, and 2,700' elevation gain (including loss and regain on up and down trips). Sugarloaf Mountain is a beautiful hike through pines, junipers, and a very scarcely seen species of Maple- Mountain Maple (Acer glabrum var. diffusum), which is a large shrub with very tiny, maple-shaped leaves. There is a small colony of them just under a mile from the start from the Sugarloaf Trailhead. I had a very interesting hike. I tried to beat the afternoon monsoon thunderstorms to the top, but was unsuccessful. I got rained on 3 times, hailed on twice," - brianpowell, Jul 30, 2016
"This has been on my short list for a long time. Went up solo after the rest in my group decided to spend the morning on the lake. Great views to Gorgonio along the ridge, but the summit itself was very wooded with poor views to the lake." - Christopher, Jun 29, 2013
"Give up hope, all feet that dare to walk this trail. Not a hard trail from a rapid elevation gain perspective, but it IS 10 miles of hardcore rocks. It's basically a gravel road the whole way, with gravel ranging from driveway size to softball size. My ankles took a beating on this trail, especially coming back down." - jimduvall, Sep 14, 2012
"Helped lead a group to the summit from down near Hwy 38. 14 miles round trip, 3900 elevation change (the gate to the fire road was closed for the season when we left, and open we came back later that night). Altitude sickness started affecting me at around 9300 elevation, but I was able to make it up to the top (with some breaks to acclimate a little)." - craigburdette, Apr 1, 2007



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