3.5 mi to summit

7.3 mi total


4,649 ft start

6,144 ft max


1,378 ft gain


2 hr 6 min to summit

4 hr 30 min total

Got to the parking lot/trailhead at about 7:45am and parking was almost full. The first 2 miles of the approx 3.5 mile hike are easy-peasy; mostly level. The last mile and a half is when you make up for it with steep trails, rocks, and stinging bees. Several people were getting stung (I got it twice) at around the 3.0 mile mark. Then on the way back down, yep, got stung twice more. Also had a rattlesnake kindly "warn" me of his presence! The sharp yucca plants and sharp thorny-plants also can be a pain (literally!) so long pants wouldn't be a terrible idea. But then with the bees and snakes, stormtrooper armor might be better...



Key gear

no info yet


Ouch, that's a lifetime of stings for some people.