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Via the Strawberry-Lawlor Saddle from Red Box

Class 1 • 1,288 ft / 393 m gain
"Second time up here. Wanted to revisit a peak that caused me minor injury when I was very new. I found my routefinding so much better - I could pretty much keep it all almost high class 2 - and it was nice to feel like I've got a lot better with my low angle climbing technique. It's a legit fun scramble up a prominent peak nicely positioned for a wonderful view of the lower Gabriels. Oh and we missed the proper trail which I assume is common. We followed what was essentially a mountaineers use trail up to the base." - JustinB, Sep 5, 2018
"Got to the parking lot/trailhead at about 7:45am and parking was almost full. The first 2 miles of the approx 3.5 mile hike are easy-peasy; mostly level. The last mile and a half is when you make up for it with steep trails, rocks, and stinging bees. Several people were getting stung (I got it twice) at around the 3.0 mile mark. Then on the way back down, yep, got stung twice more. Also had a rattlesnake kindly "warn" me of his presence! The sharp yucca plants and sharp thorny-plants also can be a pain (literally!) so long pants wouldn't be a terrible idea. But then with the bees and sn" - marc, Aug 18, 2018
"I did an interesting hike-and-bike loop in the Angeles NF. I stashed my road bike on the Angeles Crest at the bottom of the Barley Flats Road (the gate was closed) then jumped in the car and drove to the Colby Canyon TH. From there I set out on foot to Josephine Saddle then up the fire road to Josephine Peak. I then retraced my steps back to the saddle then over to Strawberry Peak, climbing the cl. 3 West Ridge. From there it was a straight-forward but steep hike down than up to Mt. Lawlor. The hardest part of the traverse was the segment between Lawlor and Barley Flats - it was very overgrown" - klotito, Jun 4, 2017
"Moderate to Moderately Strenuous 6 ca. 6 mile round trip, 1,500' elevation gain to the highest point in the San Gabriel Front Range. I started the hike across the street on Angeles Crest Hwy from Mt. Wilson's Red Box Picnic Area at elevation 4,650'; the trailhead is the Strawberry Peak Trail. You follow it as it very gently ascends, passing through a few small groves of Bigcone Douglas-Fir/.Canyon Live Oak under Mt. Lawlor (5,957') passing through chaparral and some burnt snags of forest trees the first half of the hiking distance; it then leads to a saddle and a trail fork at ca. 5,200' ele" - brianpowell, Mar 19, 2016
"After Climbing up the south face of Mount Lawlor we made our way down the west side toward Strawberry Peak. this was such a fun route on a gorgeous day. Reached the Peak for #70 of my 100 in 2014 goal." - 1-with-Nature, Sep 22, 2014



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