6,153 ft / 1,875 m


573 ft / 175 m


16 summits

Top climbing months

October   18%

March   12%

December   12%

Most climbed route


"The road ends at the towers on the summit. I took a few pictures and left. Later, when I was trying to find a pathway to Red Rock Wall (which is another high point in the area), I stumbled onto the Strawberry Peak trail-head off of highway 189. The parking lot was closed anyway, but at least there is an established hiking route that I can try some other day (I always feel guilty when it comes to these drive-ups)." - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 13, 2017
"Drove up Strawberry Lookout Road, parked off pavement at 6,100', walked ~0.2 miles to antenna facility. Nice dive-up for brown-bag lunch after hiking LPC Arrowhead Peak in the morning!" - BradStemm, Apr 17, 2013
"Quick drive up to the summit to knock this off the LA Home Court List. It's no wonder it has been delisted from the HPS List, there no trail to the summit and it is incredibly over developed." - Christopher, Feb 5, 2012


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