10,873 ft / 3,314 m


1,373 ft / 418 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

January   33%

April   33%

November   33%

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"Parked outside the closed gate at Wilkerson Pass Visitor Center. Began hike at 10:05, arriving at The Pulverizer at 11:21. Then got to Pulver Mountain at 12:41, and Stoll Mountain at 2:52. From there I headed down the mountain toward Point 9380(4:51) as I decided that it would not be wise to go back the way I came in the snow and with daylight approaching quickly. After bagging the unnamed point, dusk set in and I walked back to my car(5:57) before driving to another spot for a fifth peak summited on the day." - xnatedawgx, Nov 17, 2018



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