10,059 ft / 3,065 m


499 ft / 152 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

October   33%

February   16%

April   16%

"Hiked the cross-country route with MJ and Hillel. It was short in miles but made up for it with steep terrain, water crossings, snow fields, bush whacking, scree, loose talus, bouldering, and mosquitoes. This peak is my sixteenth Ogul Peak and left its mark with sunburn, scratches, and bug bites! We took a dirt road up from Hwy 88. From there, we took an offshoot of the road, crossed a creek, continued along the road for just a minute longer, then started walking up the creek. From there we bushwhacked up to where snow started covering the drainage. We stayed on the west (left) side of the dra" - kaylam87, Jun 25, 2017



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