2,001 ft / 610 m


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59 summits

Top climbing months

July   16%

May   15%

June   13%

Most climbed route

trail to 3rd peak


  • Known simply as "The Chief" by locals, this enormous granite monolith is a center of Canadian big wall climbing.
  • While hundreds of routes climb its sheer front faces, there's also a high bang-for-buck hiking loop on the backside.
  • A classic lollipop loop doesn't waste any time climbing and crests the Chief's 2 highest summits.
  • The Norway-like fjord views dropping away to Howe Sound 2,000 feet below are astounding.
  • An extremely popular day hike, so be prepared for crowds on big summer weekends.
"Second time here- with a camera this time. Very sunny and warm. Started early and beat most of the crowd. Kati and Myself. Elevation gain for the peak 610m, YTD elevation gain 38547m." - MtnJohn, Aug 2, 2012
"An 11am start to the Squamish Buttress that led to climbing the final pitch in the dark by headlamp. We needed to get back down to the Shell gas station to call a friend before 11pm so she wouldn't call search and rescue...made it with 10 minutes to spare." - alexjoseph, Apr 22, 1995


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