2,001 ft / 610 m

#7,453 in British Columbia

#12,062 in Canada


32 ft / 10 m

#419 in British Columbia

#1,141 in Canada


80 summits

#2 in British Columbia

#33 in Canada

Top climbing months

May   18%

June   17%

July   16%

Most climbed route

trail to 3rd peak


  • Known simply as "The Chief" by locals, this enormous granite monolith is a center of Canadian big wall climbing.
  • While hundreds of routes climb its sheer front faces, there's also a high bang-for-buck hiking loop on the backside.
  • A classic lollipop loop doesn't waste any time climbing and crests the Chief's 2 highest summits.
  • The Norway-like fjord views dropping away to Howe Sound 2,000 feet below are astounding.
  • An extremely popular day hike, so be prepared for crowds on big summer weekends.
1 summit • 8.4 km • 825 m gain • 4 hr 59 min