12,521 ft / 3,816 m


821 ft / 250 m


9 summits

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June   22%

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September  22%

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Continental Divide Trail

"I came over from Russell along the Continental Divide Trail. I continued on to Pt. 12,714, South Vasquez Peak, Vasquez Peak, and Pt. 12,316. The weather was a perfect mix of clouds and sun with no storms. " - WaxDr, Aug 26, 2017
"Great hike up to Russel, and then traverse over to Stanley. Still a lot of snow up there, and as usual, it was much easier ascending in the early AM before the sun hit it. For the first time, I witnessed a giant (house sized) piece of a cornice break off the eastern ledge, just north of Stanley, and cascade down the slopes below. On the way back down we had some fun practicing self-arrests on some safer slopes. Unfortunately, I was an idiot, and forgot I was hiking above 12K and my face got scorched today. Some of us never learn our lessons. #LGH" - LGH-Dan, Jun 4, 2017
"Started at the parking area on Jones Pass Rd. Ended up tromping throught quite a bit of snow. Had to detour my route up to Vasquez pass since there was to much snow on the trail beyond that. The hike up to the peak from Vasquez Pass was really steep. " - MtnGeek, Jun 16, 2007


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