0.5 mi to summit

1.0 mi total


1,535 ft start


240 ft gain


15 min to summit

45 min total

Parked on Shedd Hill Rd at the height of land where Game Preserve Path (a forest road) starts. Walked 1/4 mi. up to the top of the road at around 1625', then headed up through the open woods for about another 1/4 mi. Found the register jar hanging on a tree at the top, although the paper says "Stacy Mountain" on it, which actually is located in Madison NH. Signed it anyway! This was an easy bushwhack to get to. After I got back to the Game path, walked a little further and considered going up to Proctor Hill but it was quite windy so I saved that for another day.

Route name

Game Preserve Path & bushwhack


bushwhacking, snow on route

Key gear

GPS device